The Lots &
Surrounding Area

Phase 2 – An Aerial View of the Lots!

The Land.

Spanning across over 40 acres, Canyon Creek Estates offers approximately 60 lots, minimum of half acre gross density. All lots have their own unique view of the valley so you can find the perfect spot to build your ultimate dream home. Located on the valley wall each home will have a view of the meandering river and the Qu’Appelle Valley. All of the lots are fully serviced including paved roads.

appaloosa drive
Lot: Price Lot Size (sq.ft) Dimensions
Lot 3: $125,000 18,040 82x220
Lot 4: $130,000 18,928 84.5x224
Lot 5: $135,000 19,097 84.5x226
palomino drive
(Blk)Lot: Price Lot Size (sq.ft)
(3)Lot 1: $140,000 15,600
(3)Lot 2: $140,000 13,600
(3)Lot 3: $150,000 14,588
(3)Lot 4: $150,000 16,218
(3)Lot 5: $150,000 16,218
(3)Lot 7: $150,000 13,773
(4)Lot 2: $160,000 15,150
(4)Lot 3: $175,000 16,381
(5)Lot 5: $170,000 21,742
(5)Lot 6: $170,000 21,944
(5)Lot 7: $170,000 18,928
(5)Lot 8: $180,000 16,262

Builder Section.

Canyon Creek Estates is open to all builders who qualify for a 2-5-10 warranty program. The Architectural Guidelines provide clear instruction on exterior construction and landscaping to help facilitate the creation of a beautiful residential community. These guidelines also help to protect buyer investment by ensuring quality construction throughout our community.

Architectural Design Guidelines


DISCLAIMER: In order to maintain the high standards of the development, Canyon Creek has registered the Architectural Design Guidelines on title. Measurements are taken from engineer drawings. Canyon Creek is not liable for accuracy, please verify for your records.